Sometimes, when a building’s foundation settles, gaps will appear between the wall and the floor. The gapping occurs because the walls have detached from the floor and stayed attached to the roofing. This was occurring to the center of Schlumberger’s (an international tech supplier) office building. Upon noticing this warning sign, Schlumberger called URETEK ICR Gulf Coast, a trusted Houston foundation repair company, to provide the cleanest solution possible.

A traditional pier company would want to put piers under the center of the building to raise the foundation. This requires workers to jack hammer the foundation inside the building in order to put piers underneath the foundation. Not only will you need to factor in additional prep and clean up time, the noise, dust and dirt involved with the process would disrupt office work.

Interior Pier Alternatives

The URETEK Method replaces the need for interior piers with its clean and quiet process. To raise Schlumberger’s foundation to meet the walls, URETEK technicians drilled a pattern of penny-sized holes and injected URETEK’s unique expanding geopolymer underneath the foundation. As the geopolymer expands, it fills any voids in the soil to stabilize it, while raising the foundation back into place. The foam foundation repair process is closely monitored via laser level and Compulevel. Our URETEK crew completed the job in 13 hours, while in comparison, it would take a pier company between 10-14 business days. Simple, quick, and clean, the URETEK Method is the alternative to interior piers.


Schlumberger- Before


Schlumberger- After