Air Conditioning Replacement & Retrofit

The best time to plan for an AC replacement is ahead of time. Over time A/C systems stop operating efficiently and can become costlier to maintain than replace.

If your air conditioning systems are up to constantly failing, needing constant repairs, and using significantly more energy, a replacement might just be what you need. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast air conditioning replacement technicians are experienced, licensed, and insured. We strive to provide the best replacement and retrofit service in Houston and the surrounding area.

Are You in Need of A/C Replacement Services in Houston?

Older AC systems are at a greater risk of failing and being beyond recommended repair. The average central air conditioner lasts about 15 to 20 years and older systems tend to use more energy than newer ones for the same cooling performance.  Today’s air conditioners use significantly less energy than older models. Upgrading or replacing your old A/C system may help save money on your energy bill.

Frequent repairs and replacement of older A/C components can incur huge costs, lowering your return on investment in the long run. Your HVAC unit replacement cost-of-ownership may be lower in the long-term

HVAC Replacement Process

Replacing your air conditioner requires careful planning and calculation. With your help we will need to determine the what size unit will fit your needs and comfort level. Our retrofit manager will want to know where the underserved areas in your home are and how much space needs to be cooled by your new system. Based on your input and other factors we’ll calculate the recommended size and model to fit your needs and budget

After the unit is decided, we remove the old air conditioner and install the new one. As part of our AC replacement in Houston, we test and check the systems before departing to make sure everything is operating correctly

What Does Your Air Conditioning Replacement Include?

We provide air conditioner replacement and installation for home and commercial clients in Houston, TX. We can replace or retrofit your system entirely or different parts of your system like a condenser, air handler, or furnace. An entire system replacement takes approximately 5-6 hours.

Included in an A/C replacement is the removal and disposal of old equipment, new drain pan with float switch to prevent overflow, new drain lines, new furnace vent pipe, and new plenums and dampers. You’ll also get a new thermostat, new condenser pad, and new disconnect box. We’ll also register your new equipment with the manufacturer.

What Size A/C Replacement Unit Do You Need?

The optimal size of a new AC unit in Houston depends on your space cooling needs. The unit that serves you best will be determined by the square footage of conditioned space, how well your current system is working, your plans on expanding your home’s footprint, and a variety of other factor

Your retrofit manager will be able to walk you through your options and clearly explain the pros and cons of each choice.

How Much Does an AC Replacement Cost?

The cost of purchasing a new ac unit in Houston can be anywhere from $3000 to $7000, excluding installation costs. Nonetheless, the cost of replacing a home HVAC system is much cheaper in the long run than driving up the costs of your utility bills or making frequent repairs on your older air conditioning units.

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