It’s reasonable for an A/C making noise to bother you. Possibly your neighbors, too. You know there’s a reason for the sound, and your unit is likely struggling. When your central A/C system appears to have issues, you want them fixed. And the sooner the better.

The last thing you want is to ignore the potential problems. Because you’ll literally sweat with regret later.

Today, we’ll briefly look at a list of weird A/C sounds and what they could mean. Why is your outside A/C unit making noise? Let’s learn a little more about these disturbances and the accompanying concerns.

Why Is My Central A/C Making Noise?

Is your A/C making loud noise? It may be difficult to accept, but you must admit that there may be underlying problems.

Face the horrible music and join the URETEK Gulf Coast team as we discuss what the underlying issues may entail.


A/C making clicking noises is certainly a problem we hear about frequently. Sometimes, it happens while the unit is running. The clicks repeat, and they get faster and closer together. In this case, there’s likely a small obstruction that needs removed.

Other times, the clicking is all that’s happening. The unit won’t even start. It simply keeps clicking. This signals an electrical issue. It could indicate one of the following:

  • Compressor problem
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Capacitor concern


outside A/C unit making loud noise

You’ve noticed your A/C unit making loud noise. This might be a banging, clanging, or knocking sound. This problem is almost always with the fan in your condenser (the large outdoor box with side grates).

  • Your fan is hitting a large obstruction that shouldn’t be there (like a stick).
  • Your fan has come loose and is wobbling as it hits the protective cage.

You should turn off your A/C and seek professional assistance. Use URETEK Gulf Coast’s air conditioning repair in Houston before any further damage is done.


For A/C making buzzing noise, your unit is likely malfunctioning. It might be any of the following:

  • Loose parts
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Compressor issues
  • Missing or broken isolation feet

Sometimes, it’s just a single part that’s malfunctioning. But that puts stress on all the other parts.


People also describe this sound as a squealing. The point is, it’s high-pitched and maddening. There are two probable reasons for this sound.

  1. The belt that connects the motor to the blower has slipped.
  2. The problem lies in the bearings on your condenser fan’s motor.

With the first, you’ll need to replace the belt itself. But if it’s the bearings, you might also hear a grinding noise. And you’ll need to have the motor replaced.


Is your A/C unit making popping noise? Here are the potential problems:

  • Something foreign is blowing through the ducts. It may be time to clean them.
  • Internal temperature changes can cause ducts to contract and expand. They “pop” as they do this.

You may be thinking, “How do I stop my outside A/C unit from making loud noise?” The professionals at URETEK work to clean the ducts or to minimize the weird sounds. We might also see the need to adjust your actuator.


why is my air conditioner making crackling noises?

This rattling or chattering kind of noise may be stemming from the fact that your unit is old. But here are several specific reasons for the rattling.

  • Your A/C may be beginning to deteriorate.
  • Some of the parts could be loosening.
  • Leaves and twigs could be clogging parts of the system.
  • The electrical contactor could be experiencing issues. (This can damage the compressor with continued use.)
  • The fan might have rattled loose.

You perhaps need to change your indoor air filter. Sometimes, your condenser coils need to be professionally cleaned. The unit’s screws and bolts must all be checked as well.


Is your air conditioner making crackling noise? Once again, it could be:

  • Pieces of plastic or paper may be sucked in and wrapped around the fan.
  • Older ducts may be vibrating because of deterioration.
  • There could be an electrical fire within the unit.

If you smell something burning, you may want to contact the local fire department immediately.

Contact URETEK Gulf Coast for Reliable A/C Repair in Houston

Does your air conditioner make loud noise when starting? If your A/C unit making crackling noise again? Buzzing, clicking, or screeching? You know something is amiss. You’re ready to take care of the problems before they worsen.

Check out URETEK Gulf Coast’s A/C replacement in Houston. We know if your unit has run its course or requires new parts. You can trust our experienced team to assess your specific needs and offer you a tailored solution.

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