Foundation Success Stories

URETEK provides excellent foundation repair solutions for the Greater Houston area, including Beamont, Galveston, Victoria, and Lufkin.

Our Repair Projects in Greater Houston

Concrete slab foundations built over unstable and/or poor quality soil are primary causes for foundation repair in Houston. Foundation settlement and movement is repaired by mitigating poor soil quality and stabilizing poor compaction. The Gulf Coast, especially the Greater Houston area in Texas, is historically at risk for settling and shifting foundations due to the sandy and highly expansive shrink-swell properties of the soil stratum.

Areas We Serve

A few of our recently serviced areas include:

Cost Efficient Foundation Repair Houston

Piering and slabjacking are the most common methods for lifting a settling concrete foundation. Piering is costly because it messy excavation or tunneling to place concrete piers that act as supports underneath the sunken concrete. Traditional slabjacking or “mudjacking” utilizes high pressure injections of heavy cement-like slurry (also known as a grout mixture) under the concrete to raise the foundation. URETEK uses an alternative cost-effective foundation repair approach to piering and traditional slabjacking called The URETEK Method®.

Unlike piering, URETEK Method® is a zero-excavation foundation repair process that closely resembles traditional slabjacking, but with a major exception—URETEK utilizes a light-weight, high-density expanding polyurethane. URETEK’s patented polyurethane, or geopolymer, is closed-cell, hydrophobic, and ecologically inert.