Foundation Repair Services

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is a foundation repair, infrastructure repair and groundwork company. We service homeowners, commercial properties, and underground infrastructure.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Polymer Injection

Polymer injection (aka URETEK Method®) is a non-invasive solution used to lift and stabilize the interior areas of your uneven and subsiding foundation. No breakouts or digging required!

Polymer Injection at Depth

Polymer Injection at Depth (aka Deep Injection®) is a zero-excavation solution used to target unstable soil at subsurface depths.

Pressed Pilings

Pressed Pilings are a time-tested solution for lifting and stabilizing the perimeter of your unlevel and subsiding foundation.

Soil Stabilization

Plumbing leaks, voids and under slab excavation affect your foundation’s subgrade soil structure and stability. Using polymer injection we re-stabilize weak soil and improve load-bearing capacity with zero-excavation.

Void Filling

We use polymer injection to fill under slab voids with zero-excavation. Structurally compromising voids are created by plumbing leaks, breaks in fire suppression pipes, poor compaction and poor drainage. These types of voids can destabilize your soil and reduce load-bearing capacity.

Concrete Solutions

Concrete Lifting

Subsiding concrete slabs like drive panels, sidewalks, warehouse ramps, and many others can be lifted back into place with polymer injection. Concrete lifting is a long-lasting solution with minimal downtime.

Trip Hazard Remediation

Using polymer injection, we remove dangerous trip hazards to keep employees and customers safe.  Save yourself headache and heartache.

Concrete Stabilization

“Pumping” concrete panels eject soil as they shift. We stabilize and reinforce concrete panels with polymer injection.

Infrastructure Repair

Manhole Rehabilitation

Ground water infiltration adds undue stress on utilities. With our closed-cell polymer we stop water infiltration while stabilizing local soil and repairing soil erosion.

Berm Stabilization

Water infiltrates, destabilizes and erodes berms. By creating an underground curtain of our closed-cell polymer we re-stabilize the berm, prevent water infiltration and mitigate erosion.

Joint Sealing

Storm sewer assets sag and crack due to erosion caused by leaking joints. With closed-cell polymer, we seal joints and re-stabilizes weak soil.

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