House Lifting

For those that live on a floodplain, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast provides one of a few option that can protect you against flood damage.

Can residential house lifting help you?

You may decide to lift your house for a number of reasons. In Greater Houston homeowners typically choose to lift their home above Flood Plain Elevation to protect against flood damage. It’s one of a few ways that people living at Base Flood Elevation can prevent or mitigates flood damage.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast can lift slab-on-grade and pier-and-beam homes up to 5ft above grade elevation.

Read FEMA's Guide

Read what FEMA says about lifting homes in their Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting.

House lifting is done with concrete piles and reinforced with steel I-beams. The process to lift a house appears similar to pressed pilings foundation repair. Along the grade beams, concrete piles are pressed into the soil to create support structures. At crucial locations, drilled piers with I-beams are installed to secure and reinforce the home. Then, the house is lifted to elevation with jacks and fastened to the I-beams after reaching target elevation.

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House lifting should be done by professionals and is not for the faint of heart; however, for most, the benefits are worth it. Namely the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re protected against typical flood patterns the stress that comes from it..

What should you consider before lifting your house?

A URETEK ICR Gulf Coast project manager will need to evaluate your home to ensure that it is in a condition for house lifting. Not all homes are candidates for house lifting. You will want your home to be lifted above Base Flood Elevation. Community or city ordinances may require your home to be lifted to a specific elevation. Homeowners will not be able to live in the property while work is being done and all utilities will need to be disconnected prior to work being done.

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