Pool and Pool Deck Repair

Save your subsiding pool and deck by lifting and stabilizing with URETEK’s polyurethane injection technique.

Concrete Pool & Pool Deck Repair in Houston, TX

Soil erosion, poor compaction and leaky pool equipment can cause a pool to become unbalanced or sink. An unbalanced pool may damage pool equipment and the structural integrity of the pool. This can lead to washouts and soaked soil which cause further pool settlement and uneven concrete decking– an unsightly trip hazard. This is when you need concrete pool resurfacing or pool deck repair from Uretek ICR Gulf Coast.

URETEK’s patented geopolymer was designed to lift, stabilize, and compact loose soil under sunken structures. The rapid expanding geopolymer realigns unbalanced and sunken pools, as well as increases the load bearing capacity of the soil. Most pool deck repairs and concrete pool resurfacing are completed in one day. Our clean, quick pool deck repair process allows you to enjoy your pool right away, with long-lasting results.


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